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Products will have to follow specific rules to stay on the market. Understand what changes

Have you ever been confused when comparing and buying food supplements ? By all accounts, your life will get easier from now on. The National Health Surveillance Agency ( Anvisa ) has just created a new regulation for this type of product, with rules of composition, quality and labeling – all to ensure that consumers use supplements and vitamins safely.

The determination includes a list of permitted ingredients as well as minimum and maximum limits for each substance according to the population group for which it is indicated. The supplements will bring the label the category “supplements” and not “food” or “drugs” as they were previously classified.

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In the case of products containing probiotics , brands will have to disclose scientific studies that prove the safety and efficacy of these microorganisms present in the composition. Anvisa will also publish a list of 189 authoritative claims, such as ” muscle building ” and “cholesterol lowering” – but manufacturers will need to prove the benefits with research.

The brands will have up to 5 years to adapt the products to the new rules and the supplements that now enter the market must already be sold properly regularized. The agency’s intention is to “reduce the asymmetry of information in this market” to ensure that people have no doubts about buying whey protein , vitamins and omega-3 capsules , among other substances.

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Consumer benefits

The new rules bring countless benefits to the consumer, who will better understand what is in the composition of supplements. ” Most people can not interpret the purpose, the recommended dose or even need that product. But because it is a supplement, she thinks it will do well, “explains Lucas Penchel, a Nutrologist from Belo Horizonte. As many take whey protein and vitamins without a prescription, the information on the label can spare them from health problems caused by misuse.

In addition, the new rules prevent supplements from being adulterated – believe me, some items contain substances that are not listed on the label. “That’s because, so far, there has been little enforcement, ” says Lucas. With regulation, the consumer will be sure of what they are ingesting.

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Supplement consumption in Brazil

According to the Brazilian Association of the Food Industry for Special and Congenial Purposes ( ABIAD ), at least one person consumes food supplements in more than 50% of Brazilian households. The national market for these products is one of the fastest growing in the world, moving R $ 5.2 billion a year – hence the importance of regulating them. “The main objective is to protect the health of the consumer without hindering the development of the productive sector, guaranteeing access to safe and high quality products,” said Tatiana Pires, president of ABIAD, in an official note.

The rules will bring benefits not only to consumers but to the brands themselves, which will increase their credibility by marketing safe products.  Here’s the tip: redouble your attention to the labels when buying this type of product!

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