Should I Get IPhone XS Or 11?

Should I buy iPhone XS 2020?

The newer the phone model, the higher the price you will get on the exchange.

The iPhone XS was released in 2018 but even in 2020, it can be a great buy and at the price of Rs 54,999 it surely is a good deal.

Although we think that the iPhone 11 is an even better deal, at a slightly higher price..

Are there problems with the iPhone XS?

Activation issues are extremely common so if you’re having trouble activating your new phone there’s no need to panic. … iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users are also complaining about problems setting up Face ID, problems with iCloud, Wi-Fi problems, sound problems, cellular data issues, and Bluetooth issues.

Which camera is better iPhone XS or Iphone 11?

Though both have dual rear cameras, Apple swapped the iPhone XS’ telephoto lens for the iPhone 11’s ultra-wide lens. … Video quality is smoother and more stabilized on the iPhone 11 as well, and its 12-megapixel front-facing camera is better too, compared to the iPhone XS’s 7-megapixel shooter.

Is it worth buying the iPhone XS?

So the answer to your question is this: Apple thinks the iPhone X is worth less than the price for which they sell it. Customers who buy the iPhone X do so because they thing it’s worth more than the price they pay to buy it.

Why was iPhone XS discontinued?

Originally Answered: Why did Apple discontinue the iPhone XS? TLDR : iPhone’s are getting boring. If they still offered the X and XS, people wouldn’t upgrade to the more expensive 11 Pro. Apple’s iPhones are slowly becoming all the same with very minor, incremental hardware upgrades.

Why is iPhone Xs so expensive?

Tim Cook says the new iPhones are so expensive because they replace most other gadgets you’d need. Apple’s newest line of iPhones — the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max — cost as much as $1,449 for the most expensive model. Apple introduced a more affordable iPhone X model, the XR, starting at $749.

Should I buy XR or XS?

The biggest difference between the XR and XS is the display. The iPhone XR comes with a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD panel, while the XS uses Super Retina OLED tech. … It’s clear, if you’ve got the two phones side-by-side the OLED panel looks noticeably better. Colours on OLEDs are brighter and contrast is better.

Are there any problems with iPhone XS?

Charging Problems Some iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners have noticed that the two devices can fail to start charging when a Lightning cable is plugged in while the screen is off. … This can cause issues if the iPhone is plugged in when it is off. Apple fixed this issue in the iOS 12.0. 1 update.

Is iPhone XS discontinued?

The iPhone XS (and XS Max) was discontinued on September 10, 2019, after the announcement of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. On January 20, 2020, Apple started selling certified refurbished models starting at $699.

Why is iPhone 11 cheaper than Xs?

And iPhone 11 is a small screen phone, which will naturally be cheaper. … This year’s iPhone 11 still has the same screen resolution, and the pixel density is only 326PP. The iPhone XS uses the OLED screen. So iPhone XS is more expensive than the iPhone 11 is normal.

Why is iPhone XS not on Apple website?

Because both the iPhone XS and XS max were discontinued this fall when the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro were released. Apple no longer makes nor sells the XS models.

Does Apple still sell iPhone XS?

While preorders for the newly announced iPhone 11, the seventh-generation iPad, and the Apple Watch Series 5 are already live, Apple’s website is no longer selling the iPhone XS or XS Max, both of which debuted a year ago. The iPhone XR, which was announced at the same time as the XS and XS Max, is still available.