Quick Answer: How Do I Send A Message To My YouTube Staff?

How do I write for YouTube support?

From YouTubeIf you’re on youtube.com, sign in and select your account icon.Click Help .

In the panel that opens, click Need more help.

> …

Choose the category that your issue is about.Select Email Support.

You’ll only see this option if you’re eligible.Follow the prompts to email our Creator Support team..

How do you send a message on YouTube 2020?

Here is how you can send someone a private message:Go to the channel of the person you want to contact and click the “About” tab.Click “Send Messages” button, enter your private message and click “Send” button. You choose.

How do I promote my YouTube channel?

How to promote your YouTube channel: 23 tactics that workChoose Google-friendly keywords. A great YouTube channel starts with great SEO. … Use concise, descriptive titles. … Create custom thumbnails. … Fill out your profile. … Optimize your descriptions. … Don’t forget about metadata. … Offer real value. … Create high-quality videos.More items…•

How do I send a message to my YouTube channel?

Follow these steps to create a Community post.Sign in to YouTube.At the top of the page, select Upload. Create post.In the box at the top: Type a message to create a text post or add text to an image, GIF, or video post. Choose to create a video , poll , or image post.Select Post.

How do I send a message to my subscribers on YouTube?

How to Send a Message to YouTube SubscribersLog in to your Google account.Go to your YouTube channel.In the menu tab, select “community”.Write your message along with your a custom URL to your site, your article, or any preferred destination.More items…•