Quick Answer: How Do I Restore A Lost Channel On GOTV?

What do I do if my GOtv is not showing?

To clear the E016 Error code send the following message “RESET IUC” to 4688.

The most efficient, and sadly the most expensive way, is to call GOtv Customer Service.

GOtv customer care Nigeria will help you reactivate your decoder in no time, but you will be paying for every second of the call..

Why is my GOtv not showing after subscription?

Usually, you do not have to manually reset GOtv after payment. You just need to pay for your GOtv subscription with the decoder turned on, and everything should work fine. … E16 appears when your GOtv decoder has been disconnected. E30 means that your decoder has been turned off or without a signal for a long time.

How do I fix scramble channel problem?

To begin, press the MENU button.Select Broadcasting.Scroll down.Select Channel Settings.Select Clear Scrambled Channel.The process to remove scrambled channels will begin. Now when a channel comes up when the search is complete, write down how many stations you received.

How do I get more channels on my multi TV?

How to get more channels on Multi TVPress MENU on your Multi TV remote control.Select INSTALLATION.Select EDIT SATELLITE.Click on the YELLOW BUTTON to “Add” a new satellite. A new dialog box should appear titled “Add Satellite”.Fill the “Add Satellite” box using the information below and then select YES:

How do you unlock channels on GOtv?

Simply request a reset from GOtv via any of our channels – Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp – 0776245001, Voice Call – and your default pin will be reset. You can also try to use the Reset All option which is easier to access. However, if it does not work, contact us and request a reset.

How do I get rid of error code on GOTV?

Use official GOtv web site to get rid of E16 error Search for “Clear Error Code” on the right side of the page. After you’ve found it, enter your IUC Number. Finally, select your problem type (E16 error) and write down the code which will pop up on a display. Click “Clear Code”.

How can I downgrade my Gotv after payment?

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR GOTV PACKAGE ( UPGRADE OR DOWNGRADE )Click on Login and enter your IUC number and your Mobile number as requested.After a success login, from the dashboard choose “build a package”.Pick the package you need to downgrade or upgrade to then choose “next”.More items…

How do I reset my GOtv without remote?

Using GOtv without remote Power button – You can use it to power on or switch off your decoder. The button also allows you to reset the device. V+ – It is the volume up button. V- – It is the volume down button.

How do I reconnect GOTV?

Online activationVisit Eazy GOTV via your internet-enabled mobile device.Log into your GOTV account with your account number and surname.Click on the dialogue box “Clear your error”Clear the E16 error.Click on “Reset device now” tab’ and this will reset your GOTV decoder.

How do I restore a StarTimes channel?

If you are missing channels on your StarTimes decoder, please conduct an automatic channel search or a default setting and if the problem persists please check your signal status by Pressing the Menu button on your remote, scroll to System Setting and press OK.

How do I use Gotv remote?

If you are not yet on TV Guide, Press the TV Guide button on your gotv remote control. Press The utility button indicated to switch to view by channel window. Once you are on view by channel, use the directional button to move to an upcoming program, press OK button. It’s that quick and easy.

How do I update my GOtv decoder?

To upgrade your decoder software, press MENU on your remote, select ADVANCED OPTIONS, select INSTALLATION then finally select RESET.

How can I increase my signal strength on GOtv?

How to Improve GOTV Signal Reception Step-by-StepOn your remote control, select Menu> Advanced Options and then press OK.Press the arrow pointing upwards then Installation and press Ok.Select Signal Information and press Ok.Move your antenna up or down/ from side to side until the signal is at its highest.More items…

How do I reactivate my Gotv decoder?

Follow the guidelines below to successfully activate your GOTv decoder online;Visit Eazy GOTV website.Log into your GOTV account with your account number and surname.Click on the dialogue box “Clear your error”Clear the E16 error.Click on “Reset device now” tab’ and this will reset your GOTV decoder.