Question: Which Carbocation Is Most Stable?

Why is the degree 3?

because -CH3 is electron providing group.

and more the number of electron providing group more stable will be carbocation.

therefore 3 degree carbocation is more stable.

Tertiary carbocation possess minimum positive charge due to – (1) hyper conjugation (2) electron releasing inductive effect of alkyl group ..

Why are allylic carbocations stable?

Allylic carbocations are a common conjugated system. The positive charge of a carbocation is contained in a P orbital of a sp2 hybrizied carbon. This allows for overlap with double bonds. … This delocalization stablizes the allyl carbocation making it more stable than a normal primary carbocation.

Which of the following Carbocation is most stable and why?

Answer. 3° carbocation (CH₃)₃ C+ is the most stable carbocation.

Which is the least stable Carbocation?

The least stable carbocation is___________.

Does more stable mean more reactive?

Reactant Stability/Reactivity: The more stable the reactant, the less reactive it will be. In terms of rates, this means that the more stable the reactant, the slower it will react.

Why is 3 degree Carbocation more stable than benzyl Carbocation?

If we talk about the general cases benzyl carbocation is more stable than all tertiary carbocation but in case of tertiary butyl carbocation it is more stable than benzyl due to 9 hyperconjugative structures while benzyl carbocation is stabilised by conjugation with benzene ring only so 3° butyl carbocation is more …

What is 3rd Carbocation?

In a tertiary (3°) carbocation, the positive carbon atom is attached to three alkyl groups, which may be any combination of same or different. … R, R’ and R” are alkyl groups and may be the same or different.

Why are more substituted Carbocations more stable?

A positively charged species such as a carbocation is very electron-poor, and thus anything which donates electron density to the center of electron poverty will help to stabilize it. … It is not accurate to say, however, that carbocations with higher substitution are always more stable than those with less substitution.

Which carbocation is more stable?

Tertiary carbocations are more stable than primary or secondary carbocations because they have three methyl groups to distribute it’s positive charge rather than only one or two methyl groups.

Why is 3rd degree Carbocation more stable?

3 degree carbocation more stable than a 2 or 1 degree carbocation due to the fact that in case of 3 degree carbocation there are three methyl group which increase the stability of carbocation due to its electron donating nature.