Question: What Is Vy Qwaint’S Real Name?

How tall is Vy?

5 feetVy Qwaint’s HEIGHT, WEIGHT AND BODY MEASUREMENTSHeight5 feetWeight43-53 kgHairBlackEyesBlackBody TypeSlim and Curvy1 more row.

Is Chad Wild Clay rich?

Chad Wild Clay Net Worth – $11 Million Chad Wild Clay is a YouTuber who mainly specializes in doing YouTuber impressions & parodies and singing parody songs. He has an estimated net worth of $11 million.

Who is pz4 Regina?

Regina, also known as the Domino’s Girl, Inspector, Skittles Girl, PZ4. She is known for her clumsiness and her ability to hack better than Daniel. She also has challenged the Spy Ninjas, Chad, Vy and Daniel to letting the Spy Ninjas get the Safe House and to reveal her face.

Who is project Zorgo real name?

Daniel Gizmo, better known online as Exposing Project Zorgo (formerly PZ1), is an American YouTuber and ex-member of Project Zorgo. The channel was made when Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint went missing, soon after finding them. He has over 6 million subscribers on YouTube.

What is Vy Qwaint age?

34 years 7 monthsVy Qwaint is 34 years 7 months 28 days old. Total 12,659 days old now.

Are Chad and Vy married?

He moved to Los Angeles, California in July of 2015 after living in Oakdale, Minnesota. He married Vy Qwaint in 2011.

How old is Chad Wild Clay now?

36 years (March 10, 1984)Chad Wild Clay/Age

What is Daniel from the spy Ninjas last name?

Daniel, known as PZ1/Lie Detector Guy, is a member of the Spy Ninjas.

What is Vy Qwaint’s number?

702-907-0653Phone: 702-907-0653.

How tall is Chad Wild Clay in feet?

6 ft 4 inChad Wild Clay Quick Info Height 6 ft 4 in Weight 83 kg Date of Birth March 10, 1984 Zodiac Sign Pisces Spouse Vy Qwaint Chad Wild Clay is a famous YouTuber with more than 10 million subscribers.