Question: What Element Has 34 Protons And 46 Neutrons?

What is the number of protons in iodine?

53Iodine/Atomic number.

What is Krypton’s melting point?

-157.4 °CKrypton/Melting point

What element has the atomic mass of 35?

BromineThe elemenents of the periodic table sorted by atomic massAtomic MassName chemical elementnumber78.96Selenium3479.904Bromine3583.8Krypton3685.4678Rubidium37108 more rows

How many neutrons are in iodine?

78 neutronsIodine has 53 protons and 53 electrons (because it has no charge the number of protons equals the number of electrons). Iodine-131 has 131 protons and neutrons. Iodine-131 has 131 minus 53 protons = 78 neutrons.

What element has 16 neutrons?

PHOSPHORUSPHOSPHORUS – I am a member of the nitrogen family with 16 neutrons.

What is the atomic number of 39 19?

Potassium-39 atom is the stable isotope of potassium with relative atomic mass 38.963707, 93.3 atom percent natural abundance and nuclear spin 3/2….4.3Related Element.Element NamePotassiumAtomic Number191 more row

What element has 35 protons and 46 neutrons?

bromineFor this bromine isotope, the mass number is 35 + 46 or 81.

What element has 47 protons and 60 neutrons?

Silver atomsSilver atoms have 47 electrons and 47 protons with 60 neutrons in the most abundant isotope.

What element has 15 protons and 19 neutrons?

Phosphorus – P#15 – Phosphorus – P.

What has 36 electrons and 46 neutrons?

Name KryptonNameKryptonAtomic Mass83.8 atomic mass unitsNumber of Protons36Number of Neutrons48Number of Electrons369 more rows

Who found the element silver?

Silver has a special place in the history of the elements because it is one of the first five metals discovered and used by humans. The others were gold, copper, lead and iron. Silver objects dating from before 4000 BC have been found in Greece and from slightly later in Anatolia (in modern Turkey).

What is the charge of selenide?

2-It’s easier for it to accept 2 valence electrons than donate its 6 valence electrons which requires higher energy. Therefore, the ion of selenium has the charge of 2-. It’s known as selenide ion.

What is the charge on an ion that contains 34 protons 46 neutrons and 36 electrons?

Explanation: While the number nuclear protons as given is 34, and therefore we deal with the element selenium, there are 2 more electrons than protons, and therefore this species has an overall 2− charge. We represent this selenide ion as Se2− .

What symbol contains 22 protons and 21 neutrons?

Chemical – Titanium (Ti)

What element has 2 electrons 2 protons and 2 neutrons?

helium atomA typical helium atom contains 2 protons, 2 neutrons, and 2 electrons.

What element has 16 protons and 18 neutrons?

Name SulfurNameSulfurAtomic Mass32.066 atomic mass unitsNumber of Protons16Number of Neutrons16Number of Electrons169 more rows

What element has 45 neutrons?

BromineNameBromineAtomic Mass79.904 atomic mass unitsNumber of Protons35Number of Neutrons45Number of Electrons359 more rows

Is Silver flammable?

Answer and Explanation: Silver is not flammable. Something that is flammable is able to catch of fire relatively easily. When silver is heated it will transfer this heat…

Is calcium a neutral atom?

An ion is a neutral atom which has gained or lost an electron. An ion with a positive charge is called a cation. So Ca (Calcium) looses two electrons, what will be the resulting charge? Ca has 20 protons, so neutral it would have 20 electrons, but according to the charge, 2 electrons have been lost.

What has 34 protons and 45 neutrons?

SeleniumNameSeleniumAtomic Mass78.96 atomic mass unitsNumber of Protons34Number of Neutrons45Number of Electrons349 more rows

How many protons are in te?

52Tellurium/Atomic number