Question: Does Vinegar Make Coins Shiny?

How do you make coins shiny without vinegar?

For many pennies, one tablespoon (15 g) of salt in 1/2 cup (4 oz) of vinegar will get the job done.

Stir the mixture to dissolve the salt.

If you don’t have vinegar, use lemon or even orange juice.

Copper oxide (the gunk on your pennies) dissolves in weak acid, and that’s just what all three of these liquids are..

How do you clean a $2 coin?

Chuck your coins in a tupperware or some sealable plastic container with enough vinegar to cover it, give it a good vigorous shake every now and again and I reckon after about 30-40mins your coins should be clean(ish).

Will Coke clean a penny?

Coke and off-brand colas will quickly remove the tarnish. Just don’t drink the coke afterward. Coke contains phosphoric acid that cleans the oxides. Try a variety of citrus juices to see which works best or simply let your pennies soak in lemon juice.

How do you clean an old coin without damaging it?

To clean your coins without risking damage to the surface and a reduction of value, you should use only water. Grasp a coin by the edges, and hold it under a gentle stream of lukewarm distilled water. Flip the coin over so that the reverse side is also wet. Then, gently pat the coin dry with a soft cotton towel.

What’s the best way to clean a copper penny?

Copper oxide dissolves in a mixture of weak acid and table salt-and vinegar is an acid. You could also clean your pennies with salt and lemon juice or orange juice, because those juices are acids, too.

Will vinegar damage coins?

The acid in white vinegar can help wear away the contamination on your coins. Soak your coins in a glass or other non-corrosive container for at least 30 minutes, up to overnight, and then wipe with a clean cloth or scrub gently with an old toothbrush.

Does cleaning old coins devalue them?

1. The most important thing NOT to do is clean your coins. Cleaning rare numismatic coins will significantly reduce their value – plain and simple. Although you don’t lose much by cleaning a coin which derives value only from its silver content, it’s not worth the risk.

What does vinegar do to coins?

There is some pretty fancy chemistry going on in that little bowl of yours. It turns out that vinegar is an acid, and the acid in the vinegar reacts with the salt to remove what chemists call copper oxide which was making your pennies dull.

How do you make coins shiny?

A nice shine can be achieved by soaking the coins in vinegar and lots of table salt for 10 minutes making sure no penny is sitting on top of any other penny. Then rub them with the abrasive side of a sponge, wash with water, and dry them. If there is still oxidation or foreign matter on the penny, repeat the process.