Is Somethingelseyt Mexican?

How tall are the odd ones?

15″ TALLThis plush is 15″ TALL.

The perfect addition to your bedroom..

What is SomeThingElseYT real name?

Adam OrtizAdam Ortiz (born: June 17, 1997 (1997-06-17) [age 23]), commonly known by his online alias and YouTube channel name “SomeThingElseYT”, is a YouTuber that is famous for his animated videos and his music videos.

Who is SomeThingElseYT brother?

Adam Ortiz (II)

Dominic Panganiban (born: September 27, 1990 (1990-09-27) [age 29]), better known online as Domics, is a Filipino-born Canadian YouTuber and animator. He has collaborated with other YouTubers including Jaiden Animations and FootofaFerret. Coincidentally, he and Jaiden were born in the same month and day, 7 years apart.

Does the odd ones out have a girlfriend?

Theodd1sout (Robert James Rallison) Girlfriend and dating life. As of now, we don’t have any information regarding the relationship status of the YouTube personality. There were a lot of rumors stating that James was in a relationship with another YouTube star named Jaiden Animations.

Is Jaiden animations dating?

Rebecca Parham from Let Me Explain Studios is also a close friend to Jaiden Animations, but she wasn’t in either gang. She has mentioned that she’s been on dates on multiple occasions before, however, at the moment, her dating life is currently kept private.

Is odds1out a furry?

Some have speculated if James is a furry after some discovered he owned a partial fursuit. … It is unknown how active he is in the furry community (although he has visited a furry convention before).

Who is TheOdd1sOut sister?

Faith Rallison is the biological twin of Robert James Rallison (commonly known as TheOdd1sOut.). Faith regularly appears in James’s videos. Her face hasn’t ever been shown on camera yet.

Does odd1out live in California?

At age sixteen James created the webcomic The Odd 1s Out, which now comprises over 300 comics and has expanded into a YouTube channel with more than 13 million subscribers. He lives in California.

What is TheOdd1sOut full name?

Robert James RallisonTheOdd1sOut/Full name

Did the odd ones die?

In June 2018, it was speculated that Theodd1sout died, however that has been proven incorrect.

How much does TheOdd1sOut make a month?

TheOdd1sOut, also known as James Rallison, 22, is earning between $218,300 and $3,500,000 a year from his main channel at the time of writing, according to Social Blade. His second channel, TheOdd2sOut, is earning him another $15,300 to $244,000 a year according to the website.

Where does the odd1out live?

ArizonaAt age sixteen James created the webcomic The Odd 1s Out, which now comprises over 300 comics and has expanded into a YouTube channel with more than 4 million subscribers. He lives in Arizona.

Where is Adam Ortiz from?

ArizonaHe is known for producing short animated movies which he uploads on his YouTube channel SomeThingElseYT. Formerly known as “trolldawgz” on the web, he posts animations based on his real-life stories. Hailing from Arizona, Adam Ortiz is a talented and artistic personality when it comes to animation.

Is TheOdd1sOut alive?

James Rallison (born May 14, 1996), known online as TheOdd1sOut (or simply Odd1sOut), is an American YouTuber, animator, cartoonist, comedian, author, and voice actor….TheOdd1sOutYears active2014–presentSubscribers15.5 million (TheOdd1sOut) 2.6 million (TheOdd2sOut)16 more rows

How old is Ari the bird?

Ari is about a year old, is birthday was celebrated at least two or three months ago. He is a Green cheeked conure. The green-cheeked conure or green-cheeked parakeet is a small parrot of the genus Pyrrhura, which is part of a long-tailed group of the New World parrot subfamily Arinae.

Who was the first animator on YouTube?

Dominic PanganibanDominic Panganiban (born 27 September 1990) is a Filipino-Canadian YouTuber, animator, and comedian more known by his nickname and YouTube channel Domics….Dominic PanganibanPersonal informationWebsitedomics.meYouTube informationChannelDomics12 more rows