How Old Is Alois?

Why did Grell kill Madame Red?

It most likely happened while we were looking at Madam Red’s records, since the soul is separated from those records.

So, Grell killed Madam Red for giving up on her revenge and took her soul..

Is Black Butler a bl?

Some anime fans, boys and girls, don’t have any interest in yaoi. To say Black Butler is a yaoi if they ask about it, could convince them not to watch the show. If you want to think Black Butler’s a yaoi, go ahead.

How tall is Alois?

165cmHe’s 165cm or 5’5 tall and was born on 5th November 1875. He’s the Earl of Trancy manor, taking over from the Former Head Trancy. His appearance consists of ice blue eyes, blonde hair. His contract seal is on his tongue and only appears when around Claude, his butler.

Does Sebastian ever eat Ciel’s soul?

Yes, he became a demon at the end of the second season, you should know if you watched the anime. No, if you watch the last episode again thoroughly, you’ll realise that Hannah had made a contract with Alois so that when Ciel dies, he’ll turn into a demon so that Sebastian can never eat his soul.

Does Ciel die?

The anime, nonetheless ended with a fight between Sebastian and the newly introduced demons of season two. Ciel comes close to death and the only way to save him was turning him into a demon, so Sebastian does so.

Is Grell a girl?

Grell’s Gender I mean, sure, Grell is male biologically. But in the Kuroshitsuji Character Guide, it says Grell wants a ‘sex-change’.

Does Ciel have a sister?

“Ciel Phantomhive” (“シエル・ファントムハイヴ”, “Shieru Fantomuhaivu”) is the true head of the Phantomhive house. He is also the identical twin brother of Ciel Phantomhive and Elizabeth Midford’s original fiancé.

What is Alois Trancy’s real name?

Jim MackenAlois Trancy (アロイス・トランシー, Aroisu Toranshi) is the yandere to his butler Claude Faustus from Black Butler II. His real name is Jim Macken.

Is Alois in love with Claude?

Alois and Claude lived together for a long time. Faustus felt more and more respect for his master. Trancy became attached to a spider demon and started to subconsciously fall in love with him. However, Claude’s feelings for Alois changed after tasting Ciel Phantomhive’s blood.

Why did Grell kill himself?

Grell was so desperate to become a woman that when no doctor would help him he decided to end it. With that he committed suicide, and became a Shinigami as punishment. As shown, Will hates to have to work overtime. … Soon it became too much, and he committed suicide.

Does Ciel love Elizabeth?

Although their engagement was arranged, Lizzy truly loves Ciel and is proud to be known as his future wife. However, she is overly paranoid about appearing cute to him due him not wanting a strong wife, but when he says he no longer cares about that, Lizzy is touched by Ciel’s unconditional affection for her.

Is Alois Trancy dead?

It is later revealed that his wish he made with Hannah was for Ciel’s soul to never get eaten, and for Alois to join Luka in Hannah’s body. When Claude loses the duel and dies, Alois is shocked and sad and subsequently disappears from Ciel’s body.

Why did Sebastian not eat Ciel’s soul?

Here’s what happens: Sebastian doesn’t want to consume Ciel’s soul as it is (as of the start of Kuroshitsuji II) because he doesn’t remember taking his revenge, so his soul is incomplete. As such, Sebastian and Claude make a bargain to allow Ciel to take a second revenge, this time on Alois.

Why does Alois abuse Hannah?

She (more or less) wears a facade of being frightened and endured abuse from Alois because she loves him and wants to fulfill his wish to the very end.

Who killed Ciel’s parents?

The concept of the queen being the killer of Ciel’s parents was only explored in the anime and IMHO was a fantastic plot twist to keep the anime below 25 episodes and very enjoyable, but… The black butler anime is only partially canon. The deaths of Ciel’s parents have yet to even be explored in the manga.

How old is Ciel 2019?

thirteen-year-oldThe series follows Ciel Phantomhive, a thirteen-year-old boy head of the Phantomhive household, an aristocratic family known as the Queen’s Watchdog.

Is Alois a girl or boy?

Appearance. Alois is a teenage boy with icy blue eyes and platinum blond hair; a singular, noticeable cowlick curls up to the left.

Why did Claude kill Alois?

If you have seen Black Butler 2 you know that Claude kills Alois just to obtain Ciel’s Soul, which he ended up failing, but the question is… … Black Butler 2 Starts with Alois wanting “Ciel”, because he thought Ciel made a Deal with the Demon that took away his brother’s(Luka) Soul.