Nordic diet: menu to lose weight with health and not re-fattening

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Eating like the cold lands people is healthy and helps dry up to 4 pounds per month. Check out a menu adapted with Brazilian ingredients

The sunny beaches leave the frozen forests of northern Europe – this is the scene of the moment when it comes to healthy food . But forget the fiction: traditional Scandinavian food (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) has nothing to do with those giant pieces of meat made in the fire by the Vikings of Netflix.

So much so that the Nordic Diet has been singled out by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the best option for those seeking a boost in health or want to lose weight (and keep up the conquest, since the menu, complete with nutrients, can be followed forever ). Northern Europeans share the highest place on the podium with the already famous Mediterranean menu. And although they do not use the same language, these people speak the same language in the kitchen: they prioritize the consumption of fresh foods, full of antioxidants and good fat . In the southern menu, sardines and citrus fruits guarantee these nutrients.

“In cold countries, cold water fish, such as salmon and cod, and red fruits (the most common there) provide these substances,” commented the endocrinologist Sara Bragança, from Rio de Janeiro. Another difference: the Mediterranean diet is literally watered with olive oil, while the use of oil is much more contained in the Nordic version. Whole grains , vegetables, oilseeds and light dairy complete the meals of the Scandinavians. And although they are not known for their cheeses like the southern brethren, the Norse have pioneered the production of milk fermented for over a thousand years.

The best-known of them has recently landed in Brazil: in addition to the football team that snatched our hearts through the World Cup, Iceland produces skyr-type yogurt , which has no saturated fat and offers up to three times more protein than other varieties. Therefore, it maintains satiety and acts for the proper functioning of the intestine and the absorption of nutrients. A great goal!

How the Nordic Diet Works

If, in design, the Scandinavian style is famous for minimalism, in the diet we can say that inspiration is very similar when it comes to weight loss: the menu promotes ketosis and emphasizes items with a low glycemic index (GI). “On the menu, there’s a lot of protein and unsaturated fat – the biggest source of energy, since carbohydrate is limited to servings of vegetables, fruits, and cereals. So the GI of the meals remains quite low, “says Sara.

This causes glucose to be released into the blood more slowly. The body then uses the stored fat as fuel. So, there are no insulin spikes, hormone that causes storage of excess calories in the form of adipose tissue (you feel in the abdomen). In contrast, whole-grain fibers and fruit antioxidants decrease cell inflammation, improve circulation, and increase the menu’s benefit list: it also wipes away excess weight and reduces swelling and cellulite .

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