Do you have slow metabolism? Blame can be on these 4 habits

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Understand what may be hindering your weight loss

Are you following the diet and practicing physical exercises, but you still can not lose weight ? It may be your metabolism’s fault . Just as some foods can accelerate our body’s rhythm, others are responsible for slowing you down, which causes fatigue , discouragement, and calorie accumulation – preventing weight loss.

The first step in finding out what is holding back your body is to do a clinical test for food intolerances and hormonal changes. “If your body does not digest any food, it will become inflamed and decelerate metabolism, ” explains nutritionist Andrezza Botelho , from São Paulo. This is the case with milk and wheat for some people – but before cutting anything off of your menu, consult a doctor. By discarding diseases and hormonal imbalances , you can lessen these enemy habits of accelerated metabolism:

1. Add sugar to drinks and recipes

The sugar provides a peak of almost instant energy after consumption, but make no mistake: the feeling lasts little and he soon turns into fat. “In addition to being a mucosal aggressor, sugar ferments in the stomach and can cause stuttering and increased measures,” says Andrezza. It also causes compulsion: the more you eat, the more you want to eat.

To speed up the metabolism, Andrezza suggests cutting out the added sugar, the one you put in coffee or juice. Foods that take the ingredient in the composition, such as yogurts and granola, should be consumed in moderation: “If in the sum of the day that sugar in other foods makes a difference, it is also good to handle.”

2. Use oils in your preparations Do not think that only vegetable oil brings problems. If they are heated beyond the bill, even healthy oils (such as sesame, avocado and coconut) can oxidize and slow down metabolism. “On a daily basis, it is worth reducing the consumption of the apparent fat , like the one of the red meat”, indicates Andrezza. See too Woman eating apple DIET Strategies mindful eating to eat more consciously.

3. Consume many industrialized products In the case of industrialized foods , it is important to pay attention to the labels. ” Too much preservative ignites the body, because the cells do not know what those ingredients are – they only recognize vitamins, minerals and proteins, ” says the nutritionist. The more natural your food, the better! Subscribe to our newsletter and stay on top of the latest BOA FORMA news 4. Little sleep Do not think that only food is capable of altering metabolism, have you? During sleep , the body produces hormones essential for weight loss . “You need to sleep well to keep your metabolism up,” Andrezza says.

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