The method values ​​the connection between mind and body and thus builds a healthier relationship with food

Not being able to lose weight may be just your head. Same! Contrary to traditional diets, where food is controlled or imposed, the mindful eating method helps to connect mind and body and thus build a healthier relationship with food.

“We get so distracted during meals (with conversations, cell phones …) that we do not pay attention to the body signals. It confuses emotional hunger with physics, does not notice satiety, and continues to eat compulsively, “explains nutritionist Cynthia Antonaccio, co-author of the book Mindful Eating. See too DIET Tactics to make mindful eating a habit and eat with more pleasure More than 200 digital magazines in one application.

Free 1st month When you go to the restaurant, before making the order or facing the buffet, assess the size of your hunger. Do you need a light or reinforced dish? Is TPM and want a dessert, so ok to go for salad as main course? From the answers, choose the dish without guilt . If you feel like going on, remember one day you overdone and felt bad. You will realize that it is not worth it.