At the base of the newest nutritional pyramid, life habits take center stage, such as 60-minute daily physical activity, emotional balance, energy balance, healthy culinary techniques and adequate water intake, sums up Javier Aranceta, president of the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition (SENC) and president of the Royal Academy of Medicine of the Basque Country, on the occasion of the presentation of the new Guide to Healthy Eating .

This document is prepared by the SENC and will be published soon by the Planeta publishing house. To open your mouth, and until you get to the bookstores, the first chapter can be downloaded through the SENC website.

It is useless to acquire a good raw material if it is going to be corrupted during cooking. Among the healthy culinary techniques are aspects that people often ignore.

“The kitchen utensils with which the food is removed when cooking it should be made of silicone, since metal utensils can scratch the bottom of pots and pans and release particles that are harmful to health. Care should also be taken with wooden instruments, as they can present cracks in which bacteria or microorganisms are lodged. ” Proof of this is that in restoration -in school dining halls or companies, for example- its use is prohibited. How to avoid this problem at home? “Frequently washing the wooden spoons in the dishwasher in a program at 70 degrees of temperature”, answers Aranceta.

Likewise, attention must be paid to the conservation of food leftovers . For example, never keep the rest of a can in that same can, but in a glass container. To heat the food, the plastic is discouraged, recommending the glass tupper too.

The menu requires a family consensus

As if it were a trip, the Guide takes a tour of all phases of the diet: responsible choice, purchase, preparation, cooking, conservation of leftovers, safety and sustainability through waste recycling .

To design a balanced menu there is a key element, the family consensus. “There will be vegetables that are better accepted than others by all the members of the house. Reaching an agreement is part of nutrition education. The collaboration in the whole process (design, purchase and preparation of the dishes) is also fundamental, “says the specialist in Nutrition.

The nutrition of the future

Aranciata aventura that personalized nutrition will come within five to ten years, “when a chip says the genetic polymorphisms that each individual has in the DNA. This way we can find out which foods are better for us to buy in the supermarket or what dishes we should have in a restaurant, according to our genetic code “.

Present is the chronobiology of nutrition, which occupies the last chapter of the document. “We know that everything that is sweet metabolizes better if eaten in the morning, while proteins are metabolized better at night and are linked to a more restful sleep. Fats should only be consumed until noon, “says the expert.

In short, with all these tips included in the new Guide, “we do not intend to put the population on a diet, but to serve as an accompaniment by telling what science is discovering, always respecting the Mediterranean diet and traditional and ancestral uses” , concludes Aranceta.