The lowering of temperatures, the increase in colds and the increase in the appearance of mucus cause the skin to become irritated during the winter due to the continuous use of tissues and the appearance of dryness and cracks in the nose and wrists. lips . This happens more often in children, since their skin is very delicate.

“Cutaneous dryness or xerosis in childhood can be due to external environmental factors and endogenous factors. Among the environmental factors, the most frequent causes are extreme temperatures, air conditioning, heating, low humidity, exposure to irritants, lack of application of emollient products , etc. “, explains Marina Rodríguez, member dermatologist of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV). In addition, of these situations there are other factors that can cause that the dryness and the cracks get worse, as they are that the boy has atopic tendency , the lack of hydration, the low consumption of water or that has diabetes , among others.

The expert notes that depending on the age of the child, if it is an infant, is in early childhood or at puberty, the pictures of skin dryness and dermatitis vary its location. However, they are usually located in the areas most attacked by local irritants, such as the perioral area in children who use pacifiers and especially in the nose in other children ages.

How should the irritated area be treated?

Children’s skin is more sensitive, so care should be more specific. First, once the extent of the irritated area and the patient’s age have been assessed, Rodríguez indicates that it is important to determine the presence or absence of dermatitis or superinfection to see if a specific treatment will have to be established locally or synthetically. , in addition to emollient or moisturizing treatments.

“It is important to adapt the routines of hydration of children to each particular case. In children with dry skin, the frequent application of emollient creams after showering, applying short showers with warm water, the correct consumption of water and the use of natural fiber clothes will help to avoid the appearance of skin inflammation or eczema and itching “, points out

In addition, the expert emphasizes that hydration recommendations for children can be extrapolated to parents. Certain products specific for children have a low sensitivity due to the fact that their composition does not include perfumes or irritating substances. These same products can be perfectly used for the adult population . ” In the case of dryness occurs in adults , products that include menthol components offer benefits for skin care , since, according to the specialist of the AEDV, relieves the itching that may appear in the area , acts as an antibacterial and has analgesic properties.

Regarding daily habits, it is important in case the lips are dry not to lick them, as this worsens the situation, and avoid the habit of biting and tearing off the attached scales. In these situations it is preferable to use products that will promote rehydration and recovery of the area.

Finally, Rodríguez insists that a proper hydration of the skin is essential to prevent irritation . “The application of emollients maintains the barrier function of the skin and should preferably be performed after daily bathing,” he reiterates.